What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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How To Succeed In Search:

Hey guys. Thanks for watching my video! We’re going to talk about search engine optimization (SEO)!

My name is Warren Allen, I’m a Google partner and a grow with Google partner. That means I’m qualified to teach people like you how the search engine works. I’m also the president of the Click Firm which, which as you probably guessed it, we specialize in search engine marketing. 

One of the key things we’re going to talk about is when you’re optimizing for search, it’s not just your website. 

These are the key things you can do to come up in the search results. 

-Maps (Location Based Businesses )

-Google My Business (Treat it as social media and keep it updated regularly)

-Image Search (Pinterest & Social)

-Listing Sites Like Yelp (It’s important to take advantage of other websites organic ranking)

-Video (Video is now frequently listed at the top of Search)

-Backlinks (Getting featured in award lists or mentioned in articles are huge for SEO)

-Social Mentions (Tags, comments, and article mentions from sites like LinkedIn are massive)

-Have A Fast Website (Google Prioritizes Fast Websites)

-A Website Optimized For Mobile (Google is putting mobile sites first)

-Making Articles (Writing your own articles will help Google better understand what you do)

-Google Guaranteed & Google Screened ( New Search features for service based businesses)

There’s so much you can do to win on the search engine. Examples like, articles, images and video can be huge for your business. A new statistic says more than 50% of Google searches end up nowhere. Many consumers are now searching google, finding their answer, and then they leave. If your website is not built the proper way, your content and your information is not going to show up in the search engine.

There are many other things that go into search engine optimization. Once you get into the organic search and start seeing what’s ranking on your site you’ll start to evolve. A big thing for 2020 and 2021 is that your website needs to be fast. Speed is important to Google. More than 60% of search is happening on a mobile phone. That means if your website is not optimized for mobile phones, users are going to go to a website that is. 

With the web being so important now you need to pay attention to these things for your business. 

So here’s the key points in summary, you need a fast website, You need a website is mobile friendly, and you need to take advantage of all the other tools and features on Google search engine. Doing that will ensure you’re optimizing everything you can. 

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