Our Marketing Agency Services

Online Marketing

We'll develop a strategy around your goals. Just tell us what's most important to you: leads, calls, sales, or more in-store visits.

Search Engine Marketing

We specialize in using search engine marketing to bring you qualified customers.

Pay Per Click & Video

As a Qualified Google Partner we've proven ourselves to the largest Pay Per Click advertising provider in the world.

Consulting Plans

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. If you're not sure where to start, give us a call. We can develop a consulting schedule.


Many online strategies fail by not having an optimized website. Mobile websites are so important. Over 60% of web traffic now mobile.

SEO Content Marketing

A key piece of a digital marketing strategy is developing the right content. This helps with paid & organic search.

New Customers : More Often

Defining Goals

A phone call may be important to you, where an email is important to someone else. No two companies are alike, and that’s why it’s important to define goals from the start. We use these goals as guides within our campaigns.

Taking Action

After goals are defined we’ll develop the plans necessary to achieve those goals, more often. Search engine marketing, pay per click, Google Ads, we’ll use many tools to lead people to your business.


Online advertising will continue to change, much like consumer habits. It’s our job to learn and adapt. What works today may not work tomorrow. That’s why we review our campaigns continuously. We learn, make changes, and we share those with you so you can to take advantage of every insight.

Ask Us Anything

We believe social media is one piece of a much larger marketing puzzle. Social media isn’t easy to outsource as a whole. We believe companies should take control of their day-to-day social media, and marketing companies can use audience targeting to capture desired actions.

No, we don’t believe you should be on every social media network. We think if you’ve mastered all of the digital marketing fundamentals, then you can expand your social reach.

Search Engine Optimization is all about great content and user experience. A fast loading site, relevant information, and proper formatting are all components of search engine optimization.

With Pay Per Click we can get a business to the top of search engines very quickly. Search Engine Optimization in organic results takes much longer. It can take 3-4 months for some changes to get noticed. The answer is yes, it’s just a matter of how we do it.

We don’t believe print is dead. Print’s results are just hard to track. There’s still a place for print marketing as a supplement to a digital strategy.

If your company is new to digital marketing we suggest you schedule a call. There’s just too much information and misinformation out there. we suggest reaching out and getting several opinions if you can. Digital marketing is very creative and every company will have a different opinion.

We’re not a full service agency in that we don’t provide re-branding, graphic design & print strategies. However we do work with several marketing companies that provide these services. We can also consult or guide these initiatives with a digital touch. 

The Click Firm is a Certified Google Partner. This is based not only on testing and knowledge, but on the amount of successful campaigns under management. We’re also qualified with several other advertising providers like Microsoft, YouTube, and LinkedIn Marketing.