Search Engine Marketing & PPC… The Truth

Search Engine Marketing & PPC… The Truth

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Video & Article On Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing Misconceptions

Hey, my name is Warren Allen. Thanks for tuning into my video (reading my article) about search engine optimization and some common misconceptions about it. The first one that I hear a lot is that someone from Google called the business owner or called the website manager and said they would get them to the top of Google for a few hundred dollars or some fee. Likely, Google didn’t call you. Google doesn’t call businesses. They might send you mail or give you promotional offers, but they’re not going to call you and offer to put you at the top of Google.

Another misconception I hear a lot is that an old website is better than having an older website is going to help you out because it’s been around longer. That may be true for the domain, and it may be right for some of that content, but if you’re getting a new website, you should archive that material on there so the Google can still find it if they need it. Newer content is going to rank better than old content anyways. There may be ways you can reshuffle and update your articles to publish them as new ones, which would help you out more.

Faster Websites Help Search Engine Ranking

Google’s probably going to give preference to a new website that’s faster, responsive, or mobile-friendly. A quicker site would provide their users with a better experience, which is what they want. An older website that doesn’t load as fast or doesn’t work on mobile phones it’s what the user wants. So if you’re thinking of keeping your website or an old site just for search engine optimization reasons, I probably wouldn’t do that. I would look at speed and mobile-friendly over anything else.

One Keyword Won’t Help

Something funny I hear a lot is a business center will say, “add that keyword to my website.” That’s not really how it works. Adding a word one or two times, or putting it in a header on one page is not going to make a big difference. Your articles need to be 1200 words, 1600 words, or at a minimum of 500 plus words. The keywords then need to be on your website dozens of times before it’s going to make a significant impact.

Search Engine Ranking Takes Time

It can take three to four months for a website to rank higher and gain traction. You have to add useful content, so Google can deliver what people are looking for. Then you should be sharing those articles with relevant websites that have a lot of domain authority, that’s going to give your website more influence as well. So say you write an industry-related article, and then your industry association shares that article. If their site links to yours, that’s going to improve your SEO. If no one at your business or no one at your marketing firm in Greenville, NC or Raleigh, NC is doing that, it’s likely going to take a long time for you to rank high. The only surefire quick way to get to the top of Google is with pay per click advertising.

Pay Per Click – Greenville, North Carolina Advice

If you’re not doing pay per click advertising, you’re not going to get to the top of Google within a few hours. With PPC, you can sign up and spend a few hundred dollars a month if you’re a local business. For a national corporation, running pay per click for online advertising, you have set a budget based on your budget and how many people are searching for what you sell. If it’s a good campaign and it’s delivering the right people, you should be able to expand that budget as you’re going to be selling more items anyways. So it’s not either-or because you should be doing both PPC and SEO. However, if you’re not going to write articles, or you’re not going to advertise and do a proper SEO by sending those articles out, you should probably just do pay per click advertising.

Invest Time In PPC – (Raleigh, North Carolina – SEO ; )

Another misconception I hear is that it’s not worth doing. It’s worth doing if you’re going to do it right. If there’s articles or publications that your company is putting together or any content you could write and put on your website, you should do that. Even if a lot of people aren’t reading your site, Google’s reading your website, and they’re crawling it for information that might be relevant to people searching around you. If you’re using keywords about your city or the businesses in your town, then it’s going to help you out a lot on your website. If you’re not going to write good content or you’re not going to be able to publish articles or put it on your website, you should look at pay per click advertising, especially near Greenville, or Raleigh, NC. (wink, wink…)

In Conclusion & PPC On YouTube

You can run PPC display ads on YouTube as well. Since you can target audiences and content, you can reach the appropriate audience. In summary, no one’s going to get your website to the top quickly. You can’t pay $100 bucks and get yourself to the top of the search engine. You have to produce excellent content, and you have to do it regularly if you want to get to the top and stay at the top. If not, you should do pay per click. The other things to keep in mind are your website speed and if it works on mobile phones. You also should have someone do a proper audit of your website. This will make sure that no bad websites are linking to you and that you’re not linking to them because Google will penalize you for that as well. If you have any more questions, email me, [email protected] and I would be glad to help you out.

Thanks for reading! – Warren Allen (888) 234-3570

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