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Frequently asked questions

You’ll get a Goggle qualified  account manager working with you to best allocate online advertising for your business. We’ll use a portion of the flat fee to run the ads in a very dialed in way. You’ll get reports to show you how many clicks and impressions you’re getting for your money. 

Yes. The majority of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. The most successful companies in the world wouldn’t advertise on the Google network if it didn’t work. Also, Google’s network works on a pay per click basis. This means you’re only paying to reach people interested in your ads. 

A barrier to online advertising for many is the uncertainty of the cost. We’re attempting to streamline this process and deliver results for a flat fee. This means you can budget for a predictable costs and we assume the uncertainty of a varying budget. If a time comes when we think you could do more, or you don’t believe you’re getting the results you need, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to discus the budget allocation. Most PPC agencies charge between 20% – 30% of the budget. We’re able to operate at a more affordable rate by our streamlining process. 

As a Google Partner we found a lot of business owners who had avoided online marketing due to the cost and complexity. In every one of those cases we were able to grow their business with Google advertising. This is our attempt to reduce both the cost and complexity to show new businesses how effective online advertising can be. 

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