A Google My Business Success Story

A Google My Business Success Story

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Below is a video transcript of a fun video I put together with my Grandfather, Donald Warren. If you just want info on Google My Business scroll to the second heading.

Warren Allen:  Hey guys, my name is Warren Allen. Thanks for clicking on my video. Thought I would make you a video on Google My Business, because it is a free tool, and it would be super helpful for everyone. I wanted to go interview my grandfather about it because he’s had one set up for about a year and he’s seen a lot of success with it.

We ended up talking about business and all these other things. So, I thought I would share that video with you because it’s pretty funny, and you could get some good info out of it.

Warren Allen: You didn’t farm for long did you?

Mr.Warren: I farmed, yeah. I was not a good farmer. “haha”

I told my brother, Jack, I was coming back here to farm. He said, “You’d better not come back out here.” I said, “I want to farm,” and he said, “you better not.” I did…

We’ve been in this business for 50 years. I had supplies first, then feed. I bought 1500 worth to start.

Warren Allen: What do you think the hardest thing was, selling dog food?

Mr. Warren: Meeting with the wrong people. I would go into stores and talk to the manager, he would make you think he owns it. H would say he doesn’t need it and I’d leave. So I met the m&m candy man and he knew everybody. So, he starts telling me to go to go see the bosses In Raleigh, NC.

Warren Allen: Oh the owners or ownership groups.

Mr. Warren: Yeah go see the top man.

I would get my nerve up to go ahead and sit in the lobby with the other guys waiting for their time. Then when I would get my time, I would open my briefcase and first thing, I would get my artificial dog terd and sit it on top.

They would see that and start laughing. Then I knew I had gotten my sale. They wanted to see that, and I still got them.

Warren Allen: So going to the top guy made it easier.

Mr. Warren: I won second. Ten to fifteen times I won second place with Joy Dog Food

Warren Allen: For the whole country?

Mr. Warren: Yeah, because it was 125 distributors and some of them had been in the business 80 years. They all died out, sold out and I sold mine out.

Warren Allen: How old were you when you guys start going hunting?

Mr. Warren: About 11, and you walked wherever you went and you used a lantern. Then if you couldn’t find it you’d wait to daybreak when you could see them, then you could get coon or cut the tree down

A Coon hide back then was 35 dollars, then you’d use that money to farm with. If you killed 7 in a week, that’s good money.

One night we set a tree on fire. And that thing kept… sucking right at the top. Me and Cliff. I said, “Man, we’ve got to go.” We left that woods. The next day I kept looking over that way to see if the woods were on fire.

Warren Allen: Do you think the internet stuff [Google My Business] we did, like a year ago, worked out?

Mr. Warren: Yeah, I think we got some. There were a lot of folks I hadn’t seen before.

Warren Allen: People that found itn[the shop] probably wouldn’t have been able to find it before.

Google My Business Breakdown

Most people think Google My Business is just the little box you see in maps, but it’s not. It’s so much more than that now. It’s its own website now. Customers can leave reviews, and they can send you messages, or they can chat right through that box. They don’t even have to go to your website anymore.

Tools like this are making some websites less relevant than before. You can even sponsor your Google My Business in ads within maps and other features.

If you’re a restaurant, it’s really important that you use Google My Business and that you keep your menu updated. Google receives over 5 billion searches a month for restaurants. If you’re not keeping your information updated like your holiday hours, events, specials, or promotions updated on Google My Business, you’re missing out on a lot of free traffic.

If you don’t have the people in-house to manage that, you can outsource it. Once a month, just tell us or whoever you hire what you have going on and we can update it.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Google My Business is that you need to have a location or office to have one set up. That’s not true. If you’re a service business, like an HVAC, plumbing, drywall, painting, or any kind of construction or service-type company, you can put a service area. You can set up a radius of 30 miles around wherever it is. Then if anyone is searching for those services within that radius, your Google My Business page will show up in the search results, or in Google Maps.

To take that a step further, you can sponsor that, and you would show up at the top when someone is looking for those repair services, or whatever it is you deliver to your customers.

To set your Google My Business page up, just visit www.google.com/business It will tell you everything you need to do. After you put in the information about your business Google will verify it by either calling your business phone number, texting you, or sending a postcard to your location.

After you’ve done that, you can do whatever you want with your Google My Business page. Upload images, change hours, put in promotions, set up, any features that you want.

To really stay on top of your Google My Business page, you can download the app. It will give you all your analytics. You can also upload images up to it right from your phone.

This is something you can set up for free, just claim your page. If you already have one set up and you want to find out how to use all these features or keep it updated, feel free to reach out to us, [email protected] If you’re in Greenville, NC, reach out and we’ll set up an appointment.

If you want to find out how to sponsor your listing, have it show up at the tops of maps or the top of the search results, email us at [email protected] We would be glad to help you out.

Thanks for watching my video/reading the article I hope you enjoyed it.

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