3 No Bull SEO Tips

3 No Bull SEO Tips

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Thanks for visiting my blog! This article is based on a transcript from my video “3 SEO Tips In 60 Seconds.” Here are my three SEO tips. The first one is taking advantage of Google My Business. If you’re not showing up in the local map network as a big chain or small shop, you should regularly post in Google My Business. The reason I say that is because map search results take up most of the first-page search engine results. Especially when people are searching for mobile, which is most of the search traffic now. take advantage of Google My Business. Check it out, update your page, upload some pictures, and do that every month.

The second tip is publishing good content. If you’re a restaurant equipment company, you should be publishing articles that a customer or restaurant owner may search. For example, you could publish articles about preventative maintenance for refrigerators, or how to clean out your commercial ice machine. If you do that, it’s more likely search engines will show your website as a restaurant equipment company because Google will rank you as an authority on that topic. If you’re publishing good content, you’re more likely to show up in search engine results, and that’s good SEO.

The third and final tip is optimizing for mobile and speed. Google has given priority to websites that load fast, and they’re giving priority to sites that have webpages designed for mobile. Most search traffic is coming from mobile now, so that makes sense and that’s good SEO.

I probably ran over the 60 seconds(in the video…), but I wanted to give you some quick tips. These are things you should be looking out for or things you should be asking your marketing company for. My company specializes in paid search advertising. You can check us out at ClickFirm.com or you can email us at [email protected] Thanks for stopping by!

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